Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist

Land Park is nestled just south of downtown Sacramento. It boasts a very active neighborhood association –Land Park Community Association – that has gone through some significant changes, including a board of 15, of which only 3 were returnees. It was a sign of the hope the neighborhood had to be better represented. I am very proud to list the successes we had in 2009.

The most significant change was a board that worked together. While we had differing opinions, we were willing to discuss, compromise and come to a mutual understanding. We showed respect for each other and have been very deliberate in our representation of the community.

Our ongoing events resulted in great attendance, even though both the Taste of Land Park and the Picnic in the Park as held in sweltering heat.

We brought to the neighborhood a new event – the Picnic in the Park. It was free to the community as a thank you for all of the support they have given to LPCA.

We changed the bylaws, the most significant change being the inclusion of the local businesses in the membership. To this date, the local businesses were asked to donate to our events, but were not allowed to be members. It was an inexcusable stance which we were thrilled to eliminate. We hope to include our local businesses in many of our debates and decisions.

We are working hard to make up for a loss in maintenance in
William Land Park. We are spending a significant amount of money to reinstate the Rock Garden to it’s former glory. The bureaucracy is continuing to put up road blocks, so this is still a work in progress.

We have worked diligently to encourage the development of Curtis Park Village, while voicing our concerns regarding a few of the issues.

Probably one of most successful new programs is Listserv, which is real time reports from our neighbors regarding crime in the neighborhood. It has resulted in phenomenal and immediate communication resulting in arrests and preventative measures. It has been extremely popular with many neighbors joining LPCA just to be able to subscribe to this benefit.

The coming year promises to bring more changes and additions. We hope to continue to be of value to our neighborhood…stay posted!

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